Cousins…Identical Cousins…

My kids only have two cousins (my sister’s kids) and the four of them are thick as thieves. Since they live in Arizona and we live in Oregon, they only get to see each other for a few weeks in the summer time. We call it Cousin Camp. This summer, Cousin Camp is at my […]

Band Teacher

Completed: June 17, 2011 Beverage: Three Buck Chuck Soundtrack: Lady Gaga, Born This Way

Public Hanging

This month, you can see my work in Grand Vines, a great wine shop in Salem, Oregon (my home city.) Last night was First Wednesday downtown and theme was “Dog’s Nite Out”. The place was packed. The rest of my family was at a Little League game in the gray drizzle, but I was happy […]

Pioneer Kids

If you read The Pioneer Woman, you’ll probably recognize these next portraits. Like millions of other people, I read Ree’s blog every day. There’s always something that interests me on a personal level…but that’s why we choose to read the blogs we do, right? Her post last week about her kids saddling and unsaddling the […]

Onward, Upward

Despite a headache that’s lasted for a million years, I awoke on Monday with a radically heightened sense of possibility. And sure enough, good things started happening. First,  it was announced that my painting, Naughty had been included in the Top 10 finalists for the Mutt Lynch wine label contest. We find out today if […]