I love painting little kids. Their eyes are so big. They’re usually smiling. Or impish. They have tiny little Chiclet teeth. I remember when my kids were toddlers. Damn, they were cute. My son liked to pretend he was a T-Rex or a pterodactyl; very serious face, wings or tiny arms,  and accompanying dinosaur sounds. […]


This painting has been rattling around in my head for months. Months. Before Evelyn Evelyn released an album. Before I went to the concert in May. I knew exactly what I wanted to paint – an image as haunting as the album and its concept. My daughter and her big brown eyes would be a […]

The Big Reveal

Today the kids and I surprised my husband with a trip to the ballpark. There was breakfast, a batting cage and ultimately, playing catch down on the field. It was a good morning. I can’t believe the kids kept it a surprise. And elsewhere, I know at least a couple dads were gifted with my paintings […]

Wild Kingdom

I paint a lot of dogs and cats. And people. And horses. But every now and then I get to paint a new animal for the first time, like a rabbit, guinea pig (coming soon!) or chimpanzee. My husband asked me if there was anything I wouldn’t paint, like an iguana. I think my only limitation […]


My husband and kids are always secretive about how we’ll be spending Mother’s Day. This year, my 8 y.o. son tried to throw me off track by insisting that we were going to McDonald’s for a brunch of “saturated fat and meat.” His words. Every year, there are always a few things that can be predicted: there […]