Slow News Day

It must have been a slow news day in Salem, Oregon, because this was in Sunday’s paper: Actually, it was a very nice profile piece by Kelly Williams Brown with whom I spoke several times at my home studio and office. I know she was there to interview me, but the whole time I kept […]

Creative Human

I was thrilled to get the news today that two of my paintings were included in the new issue of Creative Humans magazine. The magazine, with the awesome tagline, “Humans Create Stuff. We Like That.” is self-published which makes it even more awesome. I’ve had “self-publish a magazine” on my to-do list for some time […]

In the News

To satisfy my painful need for self-documentation, I’ve added a press page to this site so I can keep track of all the news, articles and embarrassingly accurate YouTube footage. I generally post them to Facebook and Twitter as they happen, so if you’re very, very bored you can follow me there, for up-to-the-minute news. […]