Wish Book

This arrived in my mailbox today.  Remember the Sears Wishbook that used to come before Christmas? Well, this is my grown-up version of that. I love it. I pour over it. I mark things and dog-ear pages and make plans for imaginary remodels of my studio. I make lists. And then I turned to page […]

At the Movies

Last Friday I took the kids to see Toy Story 3, maintaining my obnoxious and completely arbitrary streak of seeing Disney or Pixar movies at the very first showing, on opening day. The movie was good and I even cried a little at the end. Not really a spoiler: Andy goes to college. Oh, and thank […]

Change of Scenery

Back in the good old days – say, April – my studio cat Ron Weasley kept me busy on a daily basis with his paint-water-drinking-watercolor-footprint-making shenanigans. He was content to loll around my studio, snuggling up under himself and leaving a wake of ginger-colored hair across every horizontal surface. Lately though, Ron has changed it […]


I have been gone for five days. My house is a mess and my suitcase remains unpacked at the foot of my bed. I had to go back to work. I have painting to do. And Little League. And laundry. I have to shampoo the carpet. I have two paintings to finish before Father’s Day […]

Lift Off

It’s been, what, six days since my last blog? Well, a lot has happened. I’ve done things I’d never done before – like getting a spray tan and actually considering wearing 5-inch heels. I’ve dodged my daughter’s passive-agressive notes around the house, pleading “Mommy, please don’t go.” I’ve become addicted to watching Hoarders on A&E. […]