Be Prepared

Sometimes in life, you find yourself in just the right place at just the right time, with just the right tools and just the right skills. Last week my daughter had Storybook Character Day at school and decided three hours before class that she really didn’t want to be Alice in Wonderland (as was the […]

The grass is greener

  I had a flashback today. Through a series of unfortunate events, I’ve been without childcare this week. My plans A, B and C all failed and I’ve been juggling the demands of my full-time job, my kids and their schedules, plus all that other stuff that has to get done, like dinner, laundry and compulsively […]

An open letter to my studio cat

Dear Ron Weasley, I think that if this relationship is going to work out, we need to establish some ground rules. Firstly, my desk must remain off limits. I am a very busy person and I don’t have time to pick cat hair out of my paintings or rework smudges that look remarkably like cat […]

If I could

Sometimes, I can’t believe I’m 30-szmmfrpha years old. According to my calculations, that means my life could be nearly half over…depending on if I take after the long-living Coburns on my mom’s side, or the Wehrlies and their poor vasculature on my dad’s side. So here I am, 36. Two kids. A day job that […]

Profiles in Furrage

We have three cats in our household – my self-imposed limit. Sometimes I feel that I spend 60% of my time managing kids and 40% managing cats. They are equal parts muse and menace. Steve is the matriarch. We found her on my husband’s college campus almost 15 years ago and she has been giving me the Stink Eye […]