What I did on my Christmas Vacation by Rachael Rossman, age 36

I have a full-time job. And I don’t mean the one that includes pouring milk, doing laundry and feeding Webkinz. I mean a full-time, grown-up, wearing-suits-to-work kind of job. It’s not very often that I take vacation of any significant length, but I do try to when my kids are out of school. This year, […]

Recipe For a Happy New Year's Day

Despite the unfortunate events of the past 24 hours (hint: hundreds of dollars at auto mechanic and a break-in at my husband’s office) I am determined to cocoon myself in good thoughts (and chocolate if necessary) and make this a good day.   As all good days start off, I began at Dutch Bros. with my […]

New Year's Eve Eve. Eve.

The way I figure it, if you don’t make your resolutions directly on New Year’s Eve, they’re more like guidelines. Non-binding suggestions, if you will. Maybe I’m being a bit cautious (some might say chicken) but here’s my list of New Year’s Guidelines, for myself. Right out here for the world to see. Caution be […]

Performance Anxiety

A few weeks ago I started this here blog, with every intention of updating it regularly and faithfully. So far, I haven’t gotten past that snarky first entry. You should know that this is not the first blog I’ve ever started. The last one met with the same fate…a slow start, feverish updating for a […]