Public Hanging

I attended an artists reception last night. I donned a vintage palette brooch and sipped just enough wine to make myself social. You can see the show through June 15.

Public Hanging

This month, you can see my work in Grand Vines, a great wine shop in Salem, Oregon (my home city.) Last night was First Wednesday downtown and theme was “Dog’s Nite Out”. The place was packed. The rest of my family was at a Little League game in the gray drizzle, but I was happy […]

Art in The City

Last Thursday was my RAW: Unearthed art show in Portland. I stayed up way past my bedtime, but it was a very cool event and I sold two paintings on Twitter while I was waiting, so it was totally worth it.      All photos thanks to Raw Artists Media.

Raw: Portland

This month, I’m thrilled to be a featured artist at the RAW: Natural Born Artists show in Portland. The show is on April 21 at the Bossanova Ballroom and includes several visual artists, a band, a performing artist and fashion designers. There will be a DJ, a bar and cocktail attire. It’s much too cool […]