Oh Deer!

My parents live, let’s say, rurally. That is, they have a barn, and farm vehicles and a canning shed and a larder and a deer feeder. Among other country-type things. They still live in the place where I grew up and though The Place, as it’s called, has changed over the 20 years since I […]

Disney University

My sister lives in Arizona where it’s one million degrees in the summer. So every July she comes up to Oregon to spend a month in more temperate climes. Last week, my daughter and I flew down to Arizona to join them on their road trip north. They have a pool, and a kitten. Frankly […]


We spent the whole of Father’s Day weekend at the ballpark, root-root-rooting for the home team. There were four games in two days, and in between…  …he played basketball. I spent two days sitting in a folding chair and I’m sunburned and exhausted.


Right now my daughter is wearing a black vampire cape at the dinner table. My son is playing the notes from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” on his cello because he knows that movie scares the crap out of me. These are the moments – not unusual – that beg to be blogged about, […]

Fairy Garden / Scary Garden

A couple of years ago I challenged my kids to make a fairy garden after a particularly exhausting round of bickering. Two winters have passed, and  the little wooden house has succumbed to the rainy Northwest, the fairy has gone missing and the whole thing has developed a troubling crack that threatens its structural integrity. Last […]