Not Weird at All

So my kids are 7 and 9 and they’ve picked up this new habit of saying, “That’s weird.” or “That guy’s weird.” or “MOM, YOU ARE WEIRD!” And I got kind of sick of it because “weird” is, in my estimation, a lazy, judge-y word. There is ALWAYS a better adjective than weird, am I […]


My daughter told me yesterday that she wanted to take art classes. First, I was proud. Of course she wants to learn more about art! She’s a creative kid! I’m such a good parent and role model! Yay me! Then I was upset. What, having a working artist in your own house is not enough […]


My baby girl is seven today. SEVEN! For some reason she’s stuck in my mind as a four-year-old. When I walk in the door every day I’m always surprised that there’s this little lady in my house and not a crazy little tot. We used to call her Danger Girl. Because she would climb things […]

Odds And Ends. But Mostly Odds.

This weekend was a strange mishmash of painting, cleaning house, holiday parties and pupil dilation. This post has no discernible theme whatsoever. First, I’m completely mad at Ron Weasley because he completely ruined a finished painting. RUINED. I can’t even post a photo here because 1) I’m embarrassed that I have to do the damn […]

The Thanksgiving Story

This post really needs no introduction, except to say this is a Thanksgiving essay my son wrote when he was six and emailed to all of his family members. It’s awesome. The Thanksgiving Story Over four hundred years ago… There were a group of people that were called Pilgrams. Their king wouldn’t let them worship […]