It’s always been my goal to be my own boss. Like a lot of other busy people I know, I’ve struggled with not having enough hours in the day to paint, to parent, to make my damn bed. I wanted to work from home. I wanted to paint more. I wanted to be here when […]


When my daughter asked if she could have a birthday party when she turned nine, I panicked. Her birthday is three days before Christmas, my busiest time of year. (Arguably, anyone’s busiest time of year.) She couldn’t decide how she wanted to celebrate, but knew that she wanted to invite four or five friends and […]

Chuck and Coco

Back in 2008, I painted Heather Armstrong’s dog, Chuck. That was four (long? short?) years ago and since then my little art career has become something I could never have imagined.

In Which I Meet The Bloggess

Last night I braved record heat, a crowded mall, social anxiety and uncomfortable shoes to meet The Bloggess Jenny Lawson in Portland. I gave her art. I bought a book. She signed it. And then I went home and thought about all the witty things I might have said if I weren’t a social misfit. […]