I live in one of the most agriculturally diverse places on earth, and I can’t grow a garden. It’s true. I’m horrible about timing, planting, weeding and oh – the watering that’s required to actually have a successful crop of anything. I’m not a tender. I don’t tend. My husband, on the other hand, has […]

Pioneer Portrait No. 2: Rocky

In December, Ree Drummond gave away three of my portraits on her Pioneer Woman blog. Here’s the first one. And here’s the second one. Completed: February 18, 2011 Soundtrack: Music from RENT the motion picture Beverage: Starbucks Iced Nonfat Mocha


I learned a lesson today. It was the kind of lesson that you know, if you’re a parent, your kids teach you without either of you knowing it. The kind that makes you feel very, very small. God knows I’m not a model parent. I’m moody and ill-tempered. I have little patience. I swear. I […]


A dear friend died last week and I just found out. I can’t imagine how I’ve been walking around without knowing this. I always assumed that I’d feel something or get some kind of sign if something important happened. But I didn’t. She died and I didn’t know it, and I feel guilty. She was […]


I have one, two, FIVE painting in progress right now, but wanted to take a minute to post some finished ones. Yesterday was my birthday and it was such a good one. I woke up this morning though, and the first thing I thought was, “My birthday’s over and no one has to do everything […]