I took a week off from my day job.

I painted. I drank a lot of coffee. I watched Ron Weasley sleep. I took Ron Weasley to the vet. I painted some more. I made quiche. I went to the movies. I went junking. I was perpetually paint-stained. It rained. I used my Crock-pots, two at a time. I put my painting on a […]


I’ve been saving and saving and saving and finally, this week, had the awful carpet and vinyl in my house replaced with tile! I love our little 50s ranch so much and I’m slowly (very slowly) restoring her to mid-century-meets-boho-artist glory. The light beige carpet was brand-spankin-new when we moved in almost 10 years ago, […]

Just Because

It’s funny how Ron Weasley’s routine changes in the summer. He spends more time outdoors. Practically all his time. And as the Oregon weather slowly heats up, one of his favorite spots is in this, the coolest corner of the yard, beneath a willow. He’s taken over this mini park bench that the kids have […]

Two By Two

First thing in the morning – before email or coffee or capacity for verbal communication – I shuffle into my studio and finish what I started the night before.

Slow News Day

It must have been a slow news day in Salem, Oregon, because this was in Sunday’s paper: Actually, it was a very nice profile piece by Kelly Williams Brown with whom I spoke several times at my home studio and office. I know she was there to interview me, but the whole time I kept […]