I am a bundle of nerves. I have been for days. I drop things. I snap at people. My kids are back to calling me Mad Mom, and only half jokingly. Someone spilled an entire bottle of glue on the wood floor and let it dry. There was a glob of jelly on the carpet. […]

Close Call

This weekend I was away visiting the kids, and my husband was doing a triathlon in Washington which meant that for 36 hours our cats were without people. Here’s how it usually goes: Steve gets really ticked off and spends a few hours upon our return scolding us and acting all superior; Birch stays indoors […]

Change of Scenery

Back in the good old days – say, April – my studio cat Ron Weasley kept me busy on a daily basis with his paint-water-drinking-watercolor-footprint-making shenanigans. He was content to loll around my studio, snuggling up under himself and leaving a wake of ginger-colored hair across every horizontal surface. Lately though, Ron has changed it […]

Weekend Update

This weekend, the kids and I were rained out of Little League and were trapped in the house between epic gully washers. If you don’t know what a gully washer is, you’re not from the Pacific Northwest. In short, it was a good weekend for painting, but also for cabin fever. And laundry.  Completed: May […]

Studio Tour

Once upon a time I posted a photo of my studio in its cleanest state. Most of the time though, it looks a little more like this. Oh look, there’s a meditation pillow that’s been used for pillow fights more often than meditation (never.) And a water dish that my studio cat Ron Weasley refuses […]