Checking in on Leonidas

I haven’t seen my Spartan trailer since the day I bought it last summer. It was in storage over the winter, and is just now being spiffed up for probable use this summer. I visited Leonidas (yes, it has a name) a week ago to check in on the progress and I’ll be honest: he looks rough. You know how when you’re cleaning out a closet you kind of throw everything out into the room and start sorting and then you look around and there’s a colossal mess and you think, “if I’m cleaning, how can there be a bigger mess than when I started?” Well, that’s kind of what we’re dealing with here.

The work that’s been done already includes the stuff you can’t see like plumbing and electrical. The toilet and sink need to be replaced, so there are a couple obvious holes in the bathroom. All of the molding was removed and will be replaced with new trim. There was a wasp nest on one of the porch lights. There was a table saw in the main living space. All of the light fixtures were removed.

The cracked window was with the glazier the day I was there, so Leonidas was kind of winking at me.


But, I did see some obvious progress, like the new cabinetry that replaces the missing refrigerator.

And the shiny new wine cooler. I mean, priorities.

So I guess it will take a month or more before Leonidas is seaworthy, with a new floor, new tires and a new home on my aunt’s farm in Turner. I can’t wait.

For Sparta!

Rachael Rossman



Rachael Rossman



Rachael Rossman



Rachael Rossman



Rachael Rossman