There are just six days left to fund my art calendar over at Kickstarter. I’ve got just $1400 to go and would really like to make this happen! I’d also like to return my Twitter feed to its regularly scheduled programming.

The cover has been SOLD, but there are still a few “months” available, as well as a new reward I added – the 5×7. You can buy a calendar for $25 or just kick in five bucks because you feel like it. Every little bit helps.

Oh! And it would be a great gift for Mother’s Day! (“Here, mom. I had portraits painted of your grandchildren and they’re also in a calendar. Don’t faint.”)

Anyway, please check it out, if only to see my stammer around on the video like a giant dork.

It would also be great if you feel inclined to forward the link to your art-lovin’ or pet-lovin’ friends.

They can watch me stammer too.

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