Recovering from an illness is like coming out of a fog. Every day you feel a  little bit better and then a week goes by and you’re like, “what happened to all those days?” It’s like driving down the highway and realizing you’re six exits past the last time you paid attention. How did I get here?

That’s how I feel, anyway. Tired. Dazed. And overwhelmed by everything I didn’t do while I was busy popping Tylenol, downing gingerale and sitting in front of Netflix for hours at a time.

Some of the things I didn’t do included making nutritious meals for my family (actually, NO meals for my family) painting, or keeping my house clean.

I’ve been back in the studio for a couple of days and it’s become evident that I need to do some tidying up before I can get any real work done.

To start with, I have about a bunch of 2012 calendars left. Here’s what I’m going to do – if you order a painting (any size!) I will send you a free calendar as well, while supplies last. Or, if you just want to buy a calendar that would be great too because they are just taking up space. The shipping is on me!

Press check 

Next, I have to clean off my desk. Send coffee.

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