Christmas Unplugged

DSC_0530My kids are at that age when everything on their Christmas list has a power cord and costs at least 200 bucks. These are kids that live in a house with three tablets, two iMacs, a laptop and Kindles galore so what new gadget they could possible want/need is beyond my comprehension. It’s a tough age though, because all their friends are getting the latest and greatest (my kids don’t even have phones yet) and there will be the inevitable gift show-and-tell after Christmas break. Dr. Rossman and I started thinking: maybe it’s time to take advantage of this impressionable age by being the ones making the impression.

So we’re having a handmade Christmas.

After the initial eye-rolling and panic, the kids have accepted their fate and are even a little excited about planning out what to make for their sibling and parents. I found that I was the one having the hardest time deciding what to make since I am banning myself from giving the expected: paintings. I was telling my son this morning that I had been on Pinterest looking for ideas and he scoffed, “I think we should have to come up with ideas without the internet.”

Mission accomplished.

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