Tax Woes / The Joys of Being Self-Employed

Here’s where I caution self-employed people to always pay their estimated tax, because it will come back to bite you. Also, now’s a good time to order a painting from me because, taxes.


This whole post is an excuse to show a photo of me and Dr. Rossman where we were miraculously both smiling and I didn’t have wine stains on my teeth. Cheers!

Public Hanging

I attended an artists reception last night. I donned a vintage palette brooch and sipped just enough wine to make myself social. You can see the show through June 15.

Totem Pole

I painted a stack of pets.

I’m Painting Spirit Animals Over Here!

Spirit animal. Power animal. Totem. Many people have self-identifed with an animal that gives them strength. I want to paint them.