It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

I always say my favorite holiday is Halloween and for the most part, I mean it. You know from my art that I’m partial to skulls and skull-related items, and also there has never been an occasion for which I could not overdress. Halloween blends my love of the dark and macabre with my affinity […]

Frida! Friday!

This week, we are going to Phoenix to see the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibit at the Heard Museum! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. If you follow me on Instagram @rachaelrossman, you can expect tons of photos, probably including some mascara-smeared selfies. I know it’s just a roomful of paintings, […]

I’m going to see Frida!

OMG you guys I’m so excited. The Heard Museum in Phoenix is exhibiting Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera and I am going. TO SEE FRIDA. Short of visiting Casa Azul, this is the absolute best. Like, bucket list stuff. To top it off, we’re also planning to visit Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s compound in […]

Tax Woes / The Joys of Being Self-Employed

Here’s where I caution self-employed people to always pay their estimated tax, because it will come back to bite you. Also, now’s a good time to order a painting from me because, taxes.


This whole post is an excuse to show a photo of me and Dr. Rossman where we were miraculously both smiling and I didn’t have wine stains on my teeth. Cheers!