Deck The Walls

Revealed! All the paintings I’ve been working on for Christmas, including babies, a dog in a frog suit and my very first tortoise.


Did you know that dads love art? True fact. I’m taking orders for Father’s Day gift certificates and even better, I’m offering 20% off and a free calendar with your dad’s day order.


At first glance, many dogs of the same breed look alike, but let me tell you – after you spend many hours painting their little faces you will never get them confused again.

This is the end, beautiful friend

Being a glass half-empty kinda gal, I always look back at vacation days and focus on what I didn’t do – like install the Photoshop software that’s  been sitting on my desk in the shrink wrap for two weeks, or call the tile installer for an estimate. Be that as it may, I did manage […]

The Coast is Clear

Happy belated Valentine’s Day to everyone who received art this holiday (or for recent birthdays!) I think it’s safe to post these now.