La Calavera Catrina is a common theme in Dia de Los Muertos imagery. So, when this client mentioned she often wears a large, wide-brimmed hat, well, this portrait almost painted itself.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Sunday, Sep. 18, 3:18 p.m. PDT

That’s when my 400 in 400 project ends.  I have 73 amazing backers which equals about 100 portraits (many people ordered multiple.) There’s still time to order  your art for 2013, too. Thank you!


Just three more days to order your artwork for 2013 via my Kickstarter project! Have questions? I have answers.


  This is the time in a Kickstarter project when I start to get a little weary. I’ve been marketing and promoting for 35 days and let’s face it, I’m a little sick of hearing myself talk. But it’s, you know, what you do when you are an independent artist and your “PR team” is […]