Awhile ago, I bought a huge lot of 35mm slides from the 50s and 60s – some unknown family’s entire collection of well-dressed, well-traveled memories. They have provided much inspiration for artwork over the past few years and even though I don’t know whose they are, I am glad I have them, and that they’re being […]

My Demands are Simple

Today there will be no: arguing talking about poop, farts or related topics fart sounds horseplay arguing in the car new messes Today there will be: Starbucks handmade gifts clean rooms clean fingernails posing for photos without objection brunch quiet reading quiet drawing quiet anything snow

For Moms

I am painting a bunch of Mother’s Day gifts this week. Aren’t these two a couple of cuties? Completed: April 10, 2011 Soundtrack: Simon and Garfunkel Beverage: Caffeine, assorted