Too many baseball games. Too many deadlines. Too much laundry. Not enough home-cooked meals. Not enough exercise. Not enough sleep. It’s been especially hard to be Superwoman, lately.


It was 1992. There was a boy. And a breakup. And a college classmate from Hood River whose name I cannot remember, who lived in a rented room on Clinton Street. We decided to get tattoos together (she had a car, I didn’t) so we took off after Spanish class one day and did it. […]

Works in Progress

One of my favorite parts of a painting is at the point when the the image first starts to take shape. It might be early on when I’m masking off the white areas with masque pen; (my daughter calls it mas-KWAH pen, and now, so do I.) It might be when I’m dredging color through […]

I am my hair

My sister arrived from Arizona this weekend, bearing the gift of Gaga. I was singing along with Hair in the car yesterday and thought about all the characteristics that my personality does, in fact, share with my hair. beige unruly mousy wild conditioned tangled dull tempermental stubborn dark frantic splintered just as likely to be […]

Onward, Upward

Despite a headache that’s lasted for a million years, I awoke on Monday with a radically heightened sense of possibility. And sure enough, good things started happening. First,  it was announced that my painting, Naughty had been included in the Top 10 finalists for the Mutt Lynch wine label contest. We find out today if […]