My husband and kids are always secretive about how we’ll be spending Mother’s Day. This year, my 8 y.o. son tried to throw me off track by insisting that we were going to McDonald’s for a brunch of “saturated fat and meat.” His words.

Every year, there are always a few things that can be predicted: there will be coffee, there will be handmade gifts, and there will be bacon. This Mother’s Day was no exception.

They brought me one with whipped cream "because it's a special occasion."

And here are the awesome presents my kids made.

The Boy painted these poppies...

...and wrote me a little letter.

H made this ceramic plaque that says, "I love you mommy" with a drawing of a cat...

...and a miniature broom made from pine needles. I think this might be a commentary on my housecleaning.

And here is what I am sending my mom for Mother’s Day.

Hi mom! I am too cheap to mail this! You can pick it up next time you're here, okay? Okay!

Okay! Now let’s get down to the real business…and the real reason you’ve read through this entire post.  THE WINNER OF THE CUSTOM 5X7 PORTRAIT IS…

Comment #6 Patti Alber!

My daughter picked #6 because she is six  years old. I guess I’ll have to find a less predictable way to pick future giveaway winners. Patti: email me a photo to paint and I’ll get going.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

2 Responses to “Loot”

  1. Lindsey (aka modchik) Says:

    CONGRATS Patti !!

    awesome Mother’s Day gifts – I would kill for some artwork from my kids, the 13yr old doesn’t explore that avenue anymore – I need to set up a little studio. WOW that’s it now I know how I am going to spend the rest of my Mother’s Day!

  2. Patti Alber Says:

    I WON???!!!! HAHAHAHA, This is great news!!! Just got back from a daytrip to Portland, Maine. I have 2 boys, Kyle who’s 12 and Willie who’s 10. We went to see Iron Man 2 for Mother’s day…wink, wink…..just got home, poured myself a glass of wine, turned on the computer and YEOOOOWWWW!!!! we won!!!!! Perfect way to end the day!!
    Thank you and your daughter for picking #6!!! I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s day too. Now to find a picture!! Do I pick my 2 loves, Kyle & Willie or my shadow Annabelle, a Burnese Mountain dog, who is one of my best friends!

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