Fit To Print

I have run across several little press tidbits lately and I’ve even had to start a Press page on this website.

This MTV story has legs.

Here’s an article that appeared in this week’s issue of Salem Weekly. You can read it online at, but just in case you like good old fashioned newsprint, here’s a shot of it.

A bad photo of me with Frankie Muniz in the TOC.

What the article would look like to you if you lived in Salem and had a copy of Salem Weekly rather than just reading the online version.

And this. This video here demonstrates pretty plainly why I should not ever talk on camera again. Ever.


Nice facial expression. Gah.

3 Responses to “Fit To Print”

  1. Jan Wehrlie Says:

    Rachie, I think you did an excellent job. Can’t say that I could do one tenth as well!

  2. Elaine Says:

    You were fantastic!! I would have been stumbling through the whole thing and saying ‘uh, um’ every other word. As far as the facial expression thing, you were concentrating on what that girl was saying. I’m sure it was hard to hear with all that music blaring! So, like I said, you were fantastic!!

  3. Yorkshire Terrier Says:

    I enjoyed your website – great job!

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