I painted a hairless cat. My first one. Technically, he’s a charcoal grey Peterbald; his name is Esau, and I think he’s quite grand.

He belongs to actor Mayim Bialik, whom I met at the MTV Movie Awards Gift Suite in June. You’ve seen her in everything from Blossom to Beaches, but I must say my most recent favorite is her role as Sheldon Cooper’s um, love interest? in The Big Bang Theory.

In West Hollywood, June.

So Mayim has this amazingly regal Peterbald cat. His appearance is really quite arresting; my kids saw his photo and weren’t sure if he was a cat or a dog, which I thought was funny. He reminds me of a drawing you’d see in an Egyptian pyramid, and I was glad to paint him.



Completed: July 25, 2010

Soundtrack: The Cranberries

Beverage: Coke Zero

3 Responses to “Firsts”

  1. leslie (crookedstamper) Says:

    I’ve seen a Sphynx cat, which are also hairless. They actually get cold and have to wear sweaters. 😉

  2. Sphynx Cat Says:

    He’s a smiley boy isn’t he?! Looks very contented. Well done !

    Allison of Sphynx Cat Blog

  3. Joanie Hoffman Says:

    Gorgeous! I love the colors & the eyes.

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