I have this little, um, issue sometimes with my vision. It only happens when I’m stressed (usually tired or too much driving.) Anyway, it’s really painful for about a day and then my vision is a little blurry in one eye for a week or so. Usually nothing to worry about and there are drops for it.

But this time it has been much, much worse. My eye is not recovering like it usually does. I’m on different, stronger drops. When I close my good eye it’s like I’m looking through Vaseline.

It’s been a week now and I’m obsessed with this. I’m constantly putting my hand over my good eye to see if the other one is getting better. I paint with one eye closed. I carpool. I wear sunglasses in the house.

I know it will get better because it always does, but still there is the Pessimistic Me that has to wonder what it would be like if it didn’t.

It will get better.

See, my vision’s so bad I couldn’t even see how chipped my nail polish is. Good grief, woman.

4 Responses to “Blindness”

  1. Suzy Sholar :) Says:

    I do hope you feel better fast! Some of these “little” things can be the worst! Make sure to take care of you! Rest, Water, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep… all are critical for Mom’s!

  2. Janice Rhoden Says:

    Geesh… I hope you feel better today!!

  3. Rachael Rossman: Watercolor Portraits of Man and Beast » Two Schnauzers Are Better Than One Says:

    […] bad for having one eye tied behind my back. Oscar […]

  4. Debra Says:

    It WILL get better. And SOON! Take care of you!

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