I recently painted these two birds for a client. Parakeets, I think.

And when I was done, they reminded me of something. I couldn’t put my finger on it until…

Maybe they’re cousins.

Maybe I need to spend less time on the computer.

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  1. Jill Says:

    Hi! This was my wedding gift from my amazing friends! They are actually cockatiels–Sunny is the (sweet dumb blonde) lady on the left, and DJ is the (smart brave) guy on the right. I got DJ on my 6th birthday (!) A group of my close girlfriends knew how much I love my little ridiculous birds, and how sad I was when I had to put DJ to sleep, a month before my wedding and just shy of our 22nd year of him being my buddy. They surprised me and my husband (a cockatiel convert) with this beautiful painting after our wedding. It couldn’t have been more special, and will have a place in every home we move to. Thank you for your beautiful work, and thanks to m friends for coming up with such a unique, wonderful gift!! xoxo Jill

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