New Year’s Eve Eve 2010

In 2011 I will also look out for pirates.

Last year I started making my resolutions on New Year’s Eve Eve with the idea that they could then be considered suggestions rather than resolutions. Let’s see how I did.

  1. Drink more water.  NOT EVEN CLOSE.
  2. Drink less wine and coffee. NOT EVEN CLOSE.
  3. Spend less time on the computer, except blogging, Twitter, Facebook and email. NOT EVEN CLOSE.
  4. Spend more time with my kids. YES, BUT BARELY.
  5. Spend more time making art. YES. YES. YES!
  6. Keep the house cleaner. CLEANER THAN WHAT? VOID.
  7. Say ‘no’ more often and know when to ask for help. YES!
  8. Get out and get moving. NOT EVEN CLOSE.
  9. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I’M NOT REALLY WIRED THAT WAY. VOID.
  10. Make a big deal of myself in 2010. OH, YES. YES, INDEED.

And now for next year’s Non-Binding New Year’s Suggestions…

  1. Drink more water. Come on, how hard can that be?
  2. Join a gym closer to home, with the goal of actually getting there 3x/week for a spinning class. Drag a friend along if you have to, lazy bones.
  3. Always look on the bright side.
  4. Spend even more time with the kids, and I don’t mean barking at them to clean up their darn messes.
  5. Stand by your man. (I mean, my man.)
  6. Make a bigger deal of myself in 2011.

Yes, this is a shorter list but what you don’t see between the lines are HUGE, HUGE ideas and wonderful things and terrible hurdles and delusions of grandeur that will be emerging in the months to come.

Hang on to your hats.

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  1. Lori Says:

    I like your suggestions! I may use a few of these myself. Have a Happy and Blessed 2011.

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