Rocco’s owner describes him thus:

Rocco is the kind of cat that draws blood from guests and my kids run screaming from the room when he saunters in. I have to lock him in a bedroom when the kids’ babysitter comes over.

I can relate. I once had a cat named Wolfgang who was so vicious toward everyone but me that my then-boyfriend and I had one of those “It’s Me Or The Cat” conversations.

I married the boy. The cat went to live with my in-laws; and everyone lived happily ever after.

Rocco’s portrait will be in my calendar, an homage to dangerous cats everywhere.

Calendar Cat


2 Responses to “Rocco”

  1. Amy Says:

    Yay for Rocco! I adore this painting and I love how you have captured his world-weary glare.

  2. sharla Says:

    I cannot stand vicious cats…but this is one perfect painting, IMO…gorgeous. Texture, color, clarity, expression. It’s got it all. Wonderful job Rachael!

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