Fairy Garden / Scary Garden

A couple of years ago I challenged my kids to make a fairy garden after a particularly exhausting round of bickering. Two winters have passed, and  the little wooden house has succumbed to the rainy Northwest, the fairy has gone missing and the whole thing has developed a troubling crack that threatens its structural integrity.

Last weekend we decided to rebuild on the ruins of the previous garden. My daughter thought we should kick it up a notch by making it a Scary Garden and since I love spooky cemeteries as much as the next gal, I said of course.




We also made a more classic Fairy Garden on the other side of the yard, for those fairies who prefer wicker to gargoyles.


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  1. Nilla Haluska Says:

    I got a linked in extended network update that included your story. I came here to your site and shared a link on Facebook. This is adorable. I love your art and imagination.

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