Tax Woes / The Joys of Being Self-Employed

il_570xN.784307166_fxfcTwo years ago I quit my “day job” to be a full-time creative. I homeschooled. I set my own schedule. I gladly drove carpool, had dinner ready every night, kept the house *cough* orderly, ran errands and embraced the roles of haus frau and independent artist.

It’s not working out.

Here’s where I caution self-employed people to always pay their estimated tax, because that shit will come back to bite you. In fact, it’s taking a great-white-sized chunk out of my calm right now. I spent the morning in the IRS office which I don’t have the stomach to discuss but it boils down to this:

I’m going back to work.

And also, I need to sell like 50 paintings in the next two months to pay my taxes or things get messy.

Thinking of ordering for Christmas? Great! Father’s Day? I’m on it.

What I’m saying is – if you’ve been thinking about ordering a portrait, now is the time to do it! When I get a full-time job my wait times will likely increase and also, yeah. Taxes and stuff. Email me at to order.

I’m also on a bit of a Frida Kahlo kick right now and I’m offering prints of new paintings as they are completed. Click over to Etsy to check them out!

Operation Tax Payoff has commenced.

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  1. Gina Says:

    I would have ordered 11 more from you if had all the total! too bad.

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