Special Occasion

My husband and I had big plans for our anniversary last month. Well, big plans considering we are on a budget and have two kids at home, and jobs to go to the next day and. And. And. We’d watched Blood Into Wine, a documentary about winemaking in Arizona and had planned to buy a […]

Zoom Zoom

So, does a person’s vacation start on Friday when they’re off work? Or on Monday when you don’t have to go into the office? Whatever the case, I’m on vacation this week and I could really get used to it. The kids and I kicked off our Week of Fun with a little car show. […]

I Dreamed A Dream

If my eyes are a little red and puffy today it’s only because this weekend I went to see Les Miserables on stage in Portland and I. AM. RUINED. My aunt and I go to The Theat-ah (pronounced in a grand Transatlantic accent with raised eyebrows) every few months to see the traveling Broadway shows […]


I occasionally get photos from clients showing me how they’ve framed their portraits or where they’re displayed in their house. But rarely do I get the chance to witness the actual gifting of one of my paintings. Remember the painting with 21 dogs? Well, the client commissioned it as a gift for her parents’ 50th […]

Works in Progress

One of my favorite parts of a painting is at the point when the the image first starts to take shape. It might be early on when I’m masking off the white areas with masque pen; (my daughter calls it mas-KWAH pen, and now, so do I.) It might be when I’m dredging color through […]