Zoom Zoom

So, does a person’s vacation start on Friday when they’re off work? Or on Monday when you don’t have to go into the office? Whatever the case, I’m on vacation this week and I could really get used to it. The kids and I kicked off our Week of Fun with a little car show. […]

I Dreamed A Dream

If my eyes are a little red and puffy today it’s only because this weekend I went to see Les Miserables on stage in Portland and I. AM. RUINED. My aunt and I go to The Theat-ah (pronounced in a grand Transatlantic accent with raised eyebrows) every few months to see the traveling Broadway shows […]


I occasionally get photos from clients showing me how they’ve framed their portraits or where they’re displayed in their house. But rarely do I get the chance to witness the actual gifting of one of my paintings. Remember the painting with 21 dogs? Well, the client commissioned it as a gift for her parents’ 50th […]

Works in Progress

One of my favorite parts of a painting is at the point when the the image first starts to take shape. It might be early on when I’m masking off the white areas with masque pen; (my daughter calls it mas-KWAH pen, and now, so do I.) It might be when I’m dredging color through […]

I am my hair

My sister arrived from Arizona this weekend, bearing the gift of Gaga. I was singing along with Hair in the car yesterday and thought about all the characteristics that my personality does, in fact, share with my hair. beige unruly mousy wild conditioned tangled dull tempermental stubborn dark frantic splintered just as likely to be […]