Sunday With Ron 6.12.2011

Local Color

I’ve heard about people who live in New York City and have never visited the Statue of Liberty…which makes me feel better because I’ve lived in Salem, Oregon for 10 years and have never been to Schreiner’s Iris Gardens. SHAME ON ME. Last week though, the kids and I took advantage of a sun break […]

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Art.

So maybe you don’t think your guy is the artsy type, but consider all the things that he does, or loves, that would make great, sentimental art subjects. I bet you could make him cry. Now taking orders for Father’s Day art gift certificates!

Chicken Scratch

Last year sometime, I was approached by the awesome blogger Amanda at Kevin and Amanda, who makes fonts from people’s handwriting. (How does she DO that?!) She noted that my awesome designer friend Nikki had used one of her fonts on my new website design and would I like to have a font made from […]

My Demands are Simple

Today there will be no: arguing talking about poop, farts or related topics fart sounds horseplay arguing in the car new messes Today there will be: Starbucks handmade gifts clean rooms clean fingernails posing for photos without objection brunch quiet reading quiet drawing quiet anything snow