Lovely Ladies

The last few days have been the kind weather that Oregonians remember for years. Like, I remember one Easter it was 80 degrees. I remember one week it was down in the teens and we cancelled riding lessons. I remember a snow so big that we skied right down our street for eight hours. This […]

New And Different

As the series has progressed, I’ve noticed my style changing. I sometimes skip backgrounds all together. I take liberties with hair and eye color. I use my small brushes more.

Two By Two

First thing in the morning – before email or coffee or capacity for verbal communication – I shuffle into my studio and finish what I started the night before.

Family Album

These two kids remind me of my own. The boy, with his Too Cool For School game face; the girl, still sugar, spice and everything nice…but with skulls.


Since I often paint a couple of portraits at the same time. I enjoy when I have orders for two or more paintings that will be hung together in a client’s home. It’s a challenge to find a palette that will complement two individuals who most often have different eye, skin and hair color. I […]