I took a week off from my day job.

I painted. I drank a lot of coffee. I watched Ron Weasley sleep. I took Ron Weasley to the vet. I painted some more. I made quiche. I went to the movies. I went junking. I was perpetually paint-stained. It rained. I used my Crock-pots, two at a time. I put my painting on a […]

Past My Bedtime

I stayed up late last night, and today I’m paying for it. My  sister and went to see Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra in Portland,  and I spent a good deal of time comparing the concert experiences of my early years with the experience of being a 39-year old mom out past her […]

Spinning Plates

I’m grateful for my flexible schedule, but sometimes I’m afraid it will bend so far it will break.

Candle, Both Ends

I really, really, really need more hours in my day. I work 8 hours at my day job, then ferry kids around, then the grocery store, then dinner, then it’s 9 p.m. and I realize I haven’t done laundry in three days, then I vacuum up cat hair, then I put the kids to bed, […]

Oh Deer!

My parents live, let’s say, rurally. That is, they have a barn, and farm vehicles and a canning shed and a larder and a deer feeder. Among other country-type things. They still live in the place where I grew up and though The Place, as it’s called, has changed over the 20 years since I […]