Every Dog Has Its Day

It’s a very rare occasion that I receive an email from a client that says simply, “Here’s a photo. Please paint it.”  In fact, that’s never happened. Usually, I get to hear a little bit more of the story. A description of the subject, be it man or beast, from someone who really knows them. An […]

Matched Pair

A few months ago, I painted Neil Gaiman’s lovely white shepherd, Cabal. Since then, Mr. Gaiman has adopted another white shepherd, Lola. I couldn’t possibly allow Lola to feel left out, so I was compelled to paint her as well. She’s younger than Cabal and seems a bit more puppyish in the photos I’ve seen. […]

The Polls Are Open

Today is the official start of voting for the Mutt Lynch Winery label contest! I am conjuring up all the powers of Twitter, Facebook, the interwebs and beyond to launch a campaign of shock and awe. Let’s get this face on a wine label: Voting begins today and goes through May25. Vote here.

Help a Girl Decide, Already.

For the second year, I’m entering the Mutt Lynch Winery wine label contest, which of course, combines two of my favorite things – art and wine. The wine to be labeled will be a “Muttitage” blend of the winery’s finest barrels.  Only 500 bottles of wine will be produced and the Sonoma winery will donate 10% of the […]

She’s So Shy

I am SO shy. I am shy and socially awkward. In fact, it would be better for everyone if the only place I ever was, was where people are not. That said, The Pioneer Woman came to town today and I was not about to miss it. So I packed up myself and my crippling insecurity, […]