Six Degrees

I first heard Rachel Harrington perform with Guy Clark in Portland a few years ago. After that, there were two or three house concerts and other shows. We had mutual friends. She liked my art. I loved her music. We discovered we shared a middle name. You’ve probably seen her name pop up on my blog […]

More Twitter Power

Awhile back, I was feeling anxious about not selling any paintings in recent days. Yes, I still had a to-do list of 15 or 20, but when I don’t see the emails coming in I get antsy. So I put out a 21st century call to the universe via Twitter.   And voila! within 10 […]


I recently painted these two birds for a client. Parakeets, I think. And when I was done, they reminded me of something. I couldn’t put my finger on it until… Maybe they’re cousins. Maybe I need to spend less time on the computer.


According to Twitter, it’s Bastille Day. Everything I knew about this holiday was forgotten somewhere between now and 9th grade history class, so the only thing French I can contribute is this. French Bulldogs. Martha Stewart’s French Bulldogs, Sharkey and Francesca. As seen on Au revoir. 


I read this post on The Pioneer Woman’s blog about her cow, and just had to paint her. I mean,  how could I NOT? And now this painting is going to live with Ree and Daisy in Oklahoma. Moo. Completed: July 6, 2010 Soundtrack: The Pretenders Beverage: Diet Coke