Day In The City, Part 4: Hotspots

Portland, Oregon is a walking city. On our day trip last week, we parked in an astronomically priced garage and set out on foot. Since the art museum is in the park blocks near my alma mater at PSU, I thought I’d take the kids to see my old dorm and apartment. What kind of […]

Day In The City, Part 3: Eats

Part of the fun of going to a new place (or visiting a place you don’t get to much) is exploring the food scene. When you’re with kids, this can be dicey. My son will eat anything from hot peppers to salmon roe. My daughter, however, would exist solely on bread and bread products if […]

Day in The City, Part 2: The Rest of the Museum

I love museums. I love how quiet they are. I love that everything is hung perfectly straight, and well-lit. I  love that you can sit in front of a painting for a long time without explaining yourself. I love that you and your sketch pad can  be endlessly inspired by old and new favorites. While […]

Day In The City, Part 1: The Museum

My kids are just now at the age that they don’t behave like feral monkeys in public. At least not all the time. So when I was on vacation from my Real Job last week, I surprised them with a day trip to Portland. We started out at the Portland Art Museum which is the […]

Tent City

Summertime at our house isn’t the laid-back, idyllic existence that I would like it to be. I have a full-time job, and my husband has a full-time job, and I paint ’til all hours and he does crazy things like train for triathlons. I can’t bear to pay for daycare, so our kids go somewhere […]