How the heck did I do it? Here’s the heck how.

When The Pioneer Woman awarded 14 of my mini portraits to contest winners on her site, I knew I was going to have to be organized about their production. Here’s how it went. I started by taping up four pieces of Yupo because I’d decided to do  four paintings at a time. I kept dragging my […]

Starting over

I hate this painting. Hate. It is a gift for my husband (the ‘bike’ portion of a triathlon series I’m working on) but it’s just not turning out how I’d planned. So instead of getting all ticked off and pouty, as I tend to do, I’m going to view this as an opportunity. You see, […]

Painting Cats. Start to Finish.

First off, I have a feeling that writing this post – and more importantly, getting all the photos and captions in the right order – is going to take me longer to complete than the actual painting. I’m technologically challenged, but I have the best of intentions. Here goes.   Title: Redward and Whitey (RIP […]

How do you do that?

The first thing people ask me when they see my paintings is, “How do you do that?” Followed by, “How do you get that splotchy effect?” and “How long does it take you to finish a painting?” Well, today, all will be revealed. “How do you do that?” The real star of the show is […]