Why I’m Mad at Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley is infuriating. Here’s why:

  • He sleeps on the kitchen table.
  • He sleeps on my desk.
  • He sleeps on my paintings.
  • He sleeps on clean towels.
  • His hair is all over the floor.
  • His hair is all over my paint brushes.
  • His hair is all over my clothes.
  • His hair is all over everything.
  • He smudged TWO paintings this week and I had to start over.
  • He drools.
  • He makes disgusting noises when he grooms himself.
  • He still drinks my paint water.

He’s pretty difficult to live with.

Look at him. He's just taunting me.

2 Responses to “Why I’m Mad at Ron Weasley”

  1. rychelle Says:

    what?!? he looks completely innocent and adorable. 😉

  2. Rachael Rossman: Watercolor Portraits of Man and Beast » Odds And Ends. But Mostly Odds. Says:

    […] I’m completely mad at Ron Weasley because he completely ruined a finished painting. RUINED. I can’t even post a photo here […]

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