Odds And Ends. But Mostly Odds.

This weekend was a strange mishmash of painting, cleaning house, holiday parties and pupil dilation. This post has no discernible theme whatsoever.

First, I’m completely mad at Ron Weasley because he completely ruined a finished painting. RUINED. I can’t even post a photo here because 1) I’m embarrassed that I have to do the damn thing over; and 2) I’m still too mad to talk about it.

Second, I finally put down my paint brushes long enough to get an eye exam this weekend. My vision has deteriorated by THREE TIMES in one eye since July. Getting old stinks.

While my eyes were dilated, my kids had the run of the house and made this video. It’s long and editing is not their strong suit. It’s still pretty great.

And then we had fondue.

We're going to do this every Sunday, arteries be damned.

 And then someone went to the cupboard for a bowl and found this.

Gross, Ron. GROSS.

And then I took a couple Tylenol PM and watched Iron Chef.

The end.

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  1. mr wonderful Says:

    Those special effects are just as slick as the original Godzilla movies.

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