‘Tis the Season

For cats! Also, a reminder that I am still taking orders for holiday Gift Certificates! Email me at rachael@rachaelrossman.com.

More Minis

The other day I launched a Kickstarter project to paint a series of Dia de los Muertos portraits. There’s a linky-thing over on the right side of this blog; you can become a patron of the arts for as little as a buck! (Which gets you a digital download of the entire collection AND a […]

The heat! My god, the heat!

When I was on vacation last week…(wait, I was on VACATION last week? Where has the time gone?) …I spent a great deal of time consuming caffeinated beverages and painting. I finished 13 paintings in fact. Mainly because in my studio, in front of the fan was the only place I could tolerate the insane […]


I paint on Yupo paper, exclusively. The most convenient way for me to buy it – and store it – is in pads of 11×14″ sheets. So, for each sheet I can get (1) 8×10″, (1) 5×7″ and a little scrap of 4×5″ paper. Up until now, all those 4×5″ scraps have gone into a […]


I love my house, and I hate my house. Do you know what I mean? It’s a 1950s ranch that we bought nine years ago and moved in on Christmas Eve. I bought it because it had a wood ceiling, a funky old oven and it reminded me of my grandparents. We replaced every window. […]