Approval Process

Every now and then I come across a photo online and I just have to paint it. Mostly, they’re from blogs I follow, either because I’m drawn to the the story or the aesthetic. After I’ve painted it and got it out of my system, I usually send the subject their painting, gratis. I mean, […]


“The only thing more terrifying than the thought of never meeting your idols is the thought of them actually having to meet you.”

California Dreamin’

In 2010 I went to L.A. to be part of the MTV Movie Award Celebrity Gift Lounge, and that trip really kicked my California Dreamin’ into overdrive. I’ve been dreaming about Hollywood, palm trees and Spanish-style houses ever since.

And then this happened:

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer Let Me Paint Them

While my Dia de los Muertos Kickstarter is going along swimmingly (see link on sidebar if you want to be a part of it!) I’ve been painting a few portraits here and there just to keep the creative momentum going. I’ve painted pet portraits for Neil Gaiman before, but I was super excited he said […]