Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

I still geek out every Saturday when I see my art on television.

That One Time I Met Neil Gaiman

It was June 29, in the sweltering Portland heat…wait, that can’t be right. But it was. It was like 90 degrees  the day I met Neil Gaiman. There were 900 people packed into the Crystal Ballroom, a beautiful, non-air conditioned venue downtown. By virtue of our early arrival, my friend and I were seated in […]


What is 400 in 400?

Past My Bedtime

I stayed up late last night, and today I’m paying for it. My  sister and went to see Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra in Portland,  and I spent a good deal of time comparing the concert experiences of my early years with the experience of being a 39-year old mom out past her […]

In Which I Meet The Bloggess

Last night I braved record heat, a crowded mall, social anxiety and uncomfortable shoes to meet The Bloggess Jenny Lawson in Portland. I gave her art. I bought a book. She signed it. And then I went home and thought about all the witty things I might have said if I weren’t a social misfit. […]