Progress Report

My Dia de Los Muertos Kickstarter project had 117 backers. Let’s just assume that each person ordered one painting (when in fact, some people ordered 2-5)…that means that conservatively I’d need to do about three paintings a week for the whole year in order to get finished in time. I’m feeling the pressure, is what […]

Shades of Orange

I have a new paint color – Transparent Red Iron Oxide – and I love it.

Nice Things People Said This Week

People are usually very excited to see their portraits and also say lots of nice things in the “I love it!” or “It made me cry” category. Every now and then though, someone says something that strikes me as particularly poignant, or funny or otherwise wonderful. Is happened a few times just this weekend. And […]


Brides. Animals. Pink hair. Huge smiles. Nudes. All these have forced me out of my comfortable little formulaic approach to the project and the result, I must say, is gorgeous and encouraging.

Skull-A-Day Winner

Back in October when I launched my Kickstarter project, I teamed up with to offer a portrait giveaway. Here’s the winner! Also, I’ve had a few requests for an easy link to all the Dia de Los Muertos portraits as they are completed. I’m currently working on an updated design for my website which […]