Happy Trails

I’ve always been curious, but someday I will actually take the initiative to map out exactly where all my paintings live. Anectdotally, I know that most of my clients are in Texas, Oklahoma and California. I know that I’ve sent paintings to Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Japan and Singapore. I wonder if I’ve got one […]

Yankee Dapple Dandy

I’ve done it! I’ve finished the painting I will enter in the Washington International Horse Show poster contest. I’m kind of excited about it. Yankee Dapple Dandy Thanks to everyone who voted for the two photos when I couldn’t decide. I have to admit that even though Photo #2 received 73% of the vote (it […]

Decisions, Decisions

I can tell you who won my horse show photo contest. (Hi Jaime!) What I can’t tell you is which of her photos I chose. Because I can’t decide. Care to participate in a completely non-binding poll?

Horse Show Contest

I seem to be giving away more art than I am selling lately, BUT…I’m doing another contest!  The theme this time is horse shows and hunter/jumper/equitation with the very specific goal of finding a subject to paint and enter in the poster contest  for the Washington International Horse Show. The subject is very near and […]

Tabbies, Waffles and The Power of the Internet

Today has been a serendipitous day. Is that the right word? Serendipitous. Just lots of things and happenings that seem interrelated – completely random yet altogether synchronistic. First, there were the waffles. Downtown Waffles is a waffle cart in  Salem that I heard about on Desperately Seeking Salem, a local blog. Or maybe I heard about […]