Our neighbors have a husky and all my 8 y.o. son can talk about is getting one of his own. It’s not going to happen, kid.   Completed: August 11, 2010 Soundtrack: Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on Her Magical Ukulele Beverage: Diet Coke

A Dog’s Tale

Every portrait has a story. This week I painted Bullet, a Jack Russell-Beagle-Basset mix with a comeback story. You can read it over here. Completed: August 1, 2010 Soundtrack: Miley Cyrus (my 6-year old daughter was in the studio) Beverage: Starbucks Iced Mocha

In the Moment

Sometimes I’m not the most present person. I have a job, and kids, and housework and another job. There are phone messages and emails, bills and business. Too often I find myself saying, “In a minute.” or “Maybe next time.” Sometimes I forget how to slow down. No, STOP. And listen. Or sit in the […]


Today I finished a painting that someone ordered as a 40th Anniversary gift. Fortieth! Anniversary! Next month, we’ll be celebrating an anniversary too – lucky 13. I only know this because I just had to open up the calculator on my computer and do the math. I’m an artist, not a mathematician. Completed: July 30, 2010 […]


I painted a hairless cat. My first one. Technically, he’s a charcoal grey Peterbald; his name is Esau, and I think he’s quite grand. He belongs to actor Mayim Bialik, whom I met at the MTV Movie Awards Gift Suite in June. You’ve seen her in everything from Blossom to Beaches, but I must say my […]