Pioneer Portrait No. 1: Sierra

Just before Christmas, The Pioneer Woman hosted a portrait giveaway on her site. (*Waves to all the new visitors that found me through Ree*) Can you believe that over 14,000 people entered to win? That’s just crazy. Here’s the first of three portraits for the winners! And if you have a minute, check out this post […]

Speaking of Contests…

Back in August (was it really that long ago?) I teamed up with to give away a custom portrait, just like those given to celebrities in the 2010 MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge. Remember that little adventure? Well I just finished the portrait for the gracious and patient winner of that contest and here […]

The Big Reveal

Today the kids and I surprised my husband with a trip to the ballpark. There was breakfast, a batting cage and ultimately, playing catch down on the field. It was a good morning. I can’t believe the kids kept it a surprise. And elsewhere, I know at least a couple dads were gifted with my paintings […]

The Big Brag

In some service club organizations, they have a part of the meeting called Brag For A Buck where you can stand up and, for a dollar, brag about someone in your organization or family for one minute. Today I want to announce a Father’s Day contest (keep reading!) but on a related note, I also want […]


My husband and kids are always secretive about how we’ll be spending Mother’s Day. This year, my 8 y.o. son tried to throw me off track by insisting that we were going to McDonald’s for a brunch of “saturated fat and meat.” His words. Every year, there are always a few things that can be predicted: there […]