Rachael Unplugged

I’m going on a real live vacation (it’s our 20th Anniversary!) and one of the things I’m going to try desperately to do is UNPLUG. Now – let’s get real. I love my phone. I love that I can find the answers to trivia we don’t agree on. I love photo documentation. I love instagram. I love […]

Flash Sale!

I’m having a flash sale! Am I using that term correctly? Anyway – I’m going on a little vacay and I want to have a full calendar when I get back so…I’m offering half off custom portraits today only (order and pay before midnight tonight). 5×7 – $100 8×10 – $200 11×14 – $250 16×20 […]

Rachael and the Terrific, Wonderful, Unbelievable, Very Good Sale

I’m offering a Super Good Super Rare Very Good Deal on art – half off! My angst is your gain.

Lost Works, Vol. 2

Still cleaning out my studio! Here’s another one for sale, cheap.

Lost Works, Volume 1

Back in the day, before watercolor (was there a “before watercolor?”) I used to do a lot of work in scratchboard. I wasn’t incredibly comfortable using color and I liked the portability of clayboard and tools. I could take it anywhere. Some of them were done on clayboard, which is basically masonite with a layer […]