Rachael and the Terrific, Wonderful, Unbelievable, Very Good Sale

IMG_4072Since I started my Real Job, my paint brushes have grown cold and lonely and my marketing has grown uninspired and desperate. It happens now and then…Sometimes when you’re selling art you forget why you do it in the first place – because you like making The Art. Because you need to make the art. Because you like the feel of a brush in your hands and paint under your fingernails. Because you like staying up late with a glass of whiskey and the soundtrack of Rent, ETC.

What I’m saying is, it feels good to have a full dance card.

So I’m offering a Super Good Super Rare Very Good Deal on art in case you have been on the fence or would like to order for Christmas or whatever.

Through September 30, all custom watercolor portraits are half price, 5×7″ and up.

I might be crazy, but I’d rather be a crazy busy painter than an crazy bored painter. Paintress? Whatever.


My angst is your gain. Email me at Rachael@rachaelrossman.com to order.

Rachael Rossman


Christmas in September

Koonce smAs a rule, I don’t like to skip over holidays, especially my favorite – Halloween – and I’m fighting my natural tendency to procrastinate by saying this, but…it’s time to start thinking about ordering your Christmas art.

I know, I know.

But here’s the deal – I have a 9-5 now like a regular Joe and I want to make sure Santa gets all his pet portraits in time to deliver. SO – to entice you, encourage you, maybe even inspire you, I’m offering a little pre-holiday sale this week.

This week, buy one painting, get the second half-off. Any size.

All you have to do is email me at rachaelrossman@earthlink.net with the size(s) you want and I’ll send you an invoice. All that’s left for you to do is sit back, gloating in the knowledge that you’ve accomplished your holiday shopping before pretty much anyone, and then listen to the ooohs and aaaahs when your beloved unwraps their gift in a couple months. Can you keep the secret that long?!

Let’s do this.

Rachael Rossman


Muchas Fridas, and a Sale

I’ve been on a bit of a Frida Kahlo kick lately (Still? Again?) and have had the luxury of being able to paint some stuff just for myself. I’ve only got a few commissions on the books, which I  plan to work on this weekend. And I’m feeling really prolific, so I’m offering a Buy One, Get One Free Sale for 5x7s. That’s two original paintings for the price of one and I rarely do that deep a discount but like I said, I’m feeling artsy.

Email me at rachael@rachaelrossman.com to order. I will probably only honor the sale for a couple of days so be sure to get on my list!

Now, back to Frida. There are quite a few, and prints are available! Some of the originals are still for sale too (prices below)

Print prices:

  • 11×14″ $50
  • 8×10″ $40
  • 10×10″ $45 (Frida and Diego)
  • 10×20″ $55 (Full length Frida)
  • 10×13″ $50 (Frida with Shawl)
2015-06-21 10.01.01

Frida in Gold, 10×20 watercolor on Yupo, $550. Prints available

2015-07-11 15.45.48

Frida, 11×14 watercolor on Yupo, $500. Prints available

2015-07-12 18.01.27

Frida and Diego, 10×10 watercolor on Yupo, Original SOLD. Prints available

2015-07-14 12.47.51-1

Frida Looking Upward, 11×14 watercolor on Yupo, $500. Prints available

2015-07-15 07.51.24

Frida in Drag, 11×14 watercolor on Yupo, $500. Prints available

2015-07-16 07.56.14

Frida Winks, 11×14 watercolor on Yupo, $500. Prints available

2015-07-19 19.07.17

Frida with Shawl, 10×13-ish watercolor on Yupo, SOLD. Prints available

2015-07-21 17.35.27

Frida with Cigarette, 11×14 watercolor on Yupo, Original SOLD. Prints available

2015-07-22 09.42.41

Young Frida, Day of the Dead.11×14 watercolor on Yupo, $500. Prints available


Frida with Cigarette, Day of the Dead. 11×14 watercolor on Yupo, $500. Prints available

Rachael Rossman


Tax Woes / The Joys of Being Self-Employed

il_570xN.784307166_fxfcTwo years ago I quit my “day job” to be a full-time creative. I homeschooled. I set my own schedule. I gladly drove carpool, had dinner ready every night, kept the house *cough* orderly, ran errands and embraced the roles of haus frau and independent artist.

It’s not working out.

Here’s where I caution self-employed people to always pay their estimated tax, because that shit will come back to bite you. In fact, it’s taking a great-white-sized chunk out of my calm right now. I spent the morning in the IRS office which I don’t have the stomach to discuss but it boils down to this:

I’m going back to work.

And also, I need to sell like 50 paintings in the next two months to pay my taxes or things get messy.

Thinking of ordering for Christmas? Great! Father’s Day? I’m on it.

What I’m saying is – if you’ve been thinking about ordering a portrait, now is the time to do it! When I get a full-time job my wait times will likely increase and also, yeah. Taxes and stuff. Email me at rachaelrossman@earthlink.net to order.

I’m also on a bit of a Frida Kahlo kick right now and I’m offering prints of new paintings as they are completed. Click over to Etsy to check them out!

Operation Tax Payoff has commenced.

Rachael Rossman



With clients on all continents except Antarctica (penguins are apparently not big fans of my work) I rarely, RARELY meet my clients. Not knowing what someone “really” looks like can be a blessing and a curse. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I only have a 2-dimensional photograph for reference. So on the few occasions where someone says, “that eyebrow isn’t quite right” or “her eyes look brown in the photo but they’re really green” I have the excuse of not really knowing the person to ease my ego.

When I paint someone that I know personally – my family, my pets, my friends – I burden myself with an extra layer of artistic responsibility to “get it right.”

When our friends Ari and Amanda were married this spring, I knew I wanted to paint a portrait of adorable Killian. Unbeknownst to them, I trolled Amanda’s Facebook page for this great shot. (Fact: internet snooping is one of my superpowers.)


I was pretty pleased with the likeness. Amanda told me, “The painting is prettier than he is!” Which of course is not true but I am not above taking a compliment at the expense of a child.



They had a lovely wedding, worthy of a bridal magazine, no joke. And someone managed to capture this photo of me with Dr. Rossman in his beard-y glory. It’s seriously better than the photos we had at our own wedding. I don’t know who took it but god bless you.


Rachael Rossman